The Amazing Ab Coaster machine at Active Life

The Ab Coaster is designed to help you exercise your abdominal muscles via a leg lift motion. Unlike the popular sit-up or Ab crunch exercise, which works your abdominals from the “top down”, the Ab Coaster moves in the opposite direction, working your abs from the “bottom up.” The basic motion requires you to lift your knees and legs while contracting your abs.

The Ab Coaster features a Seat moving along a curved track to aid you in performing the abdominal lifting motion. The starting position requires you to kneel on the Seat while resting your arms on the arm rests. The exercise requires you to lift the Seat along the track by using your abdominal muscles, not by using your arms or your upper body.

The key to performing the exercise properly is to concentrate on contracting your ab muscles prior to and while you lift the Seat. Your upper body should be stable and should not be moving or swaying while you exercise.

This use of this machine is included in the cost of all gym memberships!


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