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 Make this year count, make this year your year!


How often have we read new year, new you and thought this is going to be the year I make a change. We join a gym, go on a diet, give up alcohol, join expensive slimming groups only to lapse back into our old habits within a month!

Active Life ladies only gym situated above Sun City on the Ditherington Road in Shewsbury aims to help break this pattern by giving their members support and keep them motivated to really make that change.


The gyms slogan 'Friendly Fitness you can afford' sums up the informal, friendly atmosphere and ethos of the gym. Gym manager Sue tells me that they do not tie their members into any financial contract, members know that they will be offered help and guidance and the results they achieve will keep them attending, not the burden of an annual contract, like so many other gyms insist on.


The ladies only gym operates a 10 chair exercise system, suitable for all ages, weights and fitness levels. Each chair exercises a specific area of the body and takes only 30 minutes, making it suitable for even those of us that use the excuse ''I haven't got time to exercise''


Every member is given a full induction and computerised Inbody assessment when they join,  ''this is the start of the journey to help ladies achieve their goals''

Ladies are given a personal exercise programme and regularly assessed to keep them on track.


Active Life run a 3 step programme to help ladies lose weight with the help of the gyms new diet plan, Improve fitness when members attend the gym for 3 sessions a week and tone using the gyms core strengthening machines.


Lots of us are aware that our weight is not what we would like it to be, many of us have joined every slimming group going, we know what we should be eating but simply do not have the motivation to keep returning to expensive slimming groups only to give up and feel demotivated.


Let our 3 step programme change this, we offer members the opportunity to chart their weight on a weekly basis, give menu suggestions, nutrition advice, tips and guidance to help you make the required changes to lifestyles and finally achieve and maintain goals.


The gym also has several Flabelos machines, the remarkable 10 minute vibration exercise. These machines work on the bodies ability to balance itself, during exercising on the vibration plate the bodies muscles rub together causing friction resulting in weight loss and toning.


Active Life also offers Cellulos, the amazing non surgical, treatment to remove cellulite and tone skin using ultra sound waves. This treatment is especially popular for brides wanting to look and feel their best on their big day.


People no longer view looking after themselves as a luxury, they realise the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle not only for themselves but for their families too.

So what are you waiting for, let Active Life ladies only gym help you actually make that change.


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