Our Amazing Exercise Machines

This exercise programme takes just half an hour and you will have achieved a full body workout. Every muscle and joint in your body will have been exercised with no waiting for equipment or feeling inhibited by lycra leotards or designer sweatbands.

Each of the machines is multi-functional and each works several different parts of the body at the same time. You will spend just two and a half minutes on each. The frailest or the fittest people can exercise at Active Life. You can put as much or as little effort in as your body will allow.

Some of our elderly members or members who have recently undergone surgery simply sit and let the machines exercise them, gently manipulating tired, stiff muscles and joints to aid their mobility without the risk of overloading joints and soft tissue structures.

Equally, users who want to maintain peak fitness can undertake the most challenging workout.

1. Hip & Arm Press/Pull System

Exercises the hip and upper limb muscles and
mobilises the elbow, shoulder and hip joints

2. Spinal Rotation & Abdominal Strengthening System

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and mobilises the vertebral column joints

3. Biceps/Triceps System

Exercises the elbow and shoulder and mobilises the elbow and shoulder joints

4. Spinal & Hip Strengthening System

Strengthens the abdominal, spinal and hip muscles and gently mobilises the lower spine.

5. Knee Flexion and Extension

Exercises the knee musculature and can be used to passively mobilise the knee joint after surgery.

6. Arm & Leg Press/Pull System

Strengthens the shoulder, elbow and leg muscles and mobilises the upper and lower limb joints.

7. Hip Abduction/Adduction & Rotation System

Strengthens the hip muscles and can be used to passively mobilise the hip joint.

8. Recumbent Spinal & Leg System

Strengthens the abdominal, spinal and hip muscles and mobilises the lower limb and lower spine.

9. Chest & Upper Back Strengthening System

Strengthens the chest and upper back musculature and mobilises the shoulder joint.

10. Recumbent Leg Press and Shoulder System

Uniquely exercises the upper and lower limb musculature and mobilises the hip, knee, elbow and shoulder joints in a functional manner.


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